Pyrotrade Ultrashot

Zodiac line - ULTRASHOT 30mm single shots MAXIMUM LOAD 1: Red glitter mine silver whirlwind to brocade with red glitter pistil; 2: Crackling mine to multicolor peony (red, green blue); 3: Blue mine to Blue tail to king brocade crown to chry with blue starsG 4: Silver glitter mine to Brocade tail to brocade crown with white glitters.


Schussanzahl:           1 Schuss

NEM:                          18g

Kaliber:                     30mm

Brenndauer:              5 Sec.

Effekthöhe:                35 Meter

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Evolution Show Tails

6 verschiedene Single Shots in 30mm


1- White strobe mine red tail

2- White strobe mine lemon star

3- Green strobe mine gold coco tail blue star

4- Brocade crown blue star

5- Brocade crown green star

6- Brocade crown tail red star


150gr NEM


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Pyrofactory Color Thunder King


Gelbe, rote, blaue, grüne und Violette Komenten mit sehr lautem Knall. 

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